Rome sweet home

Fat quarter panel (21″x 18″, 100% cotton) to make two soft cats.

An easy DIY cut and sew project to create two soft toys, in less than an afternoon. They are inspired by the famous roman cats, that wander and wonder among the ancient monuments of the Eternal City.

It is also ideal to initiate children in the creative world of sewing (children +8 years old).

Once made the grey cat measures 6 inches tall (15cm), and the white cat measures 7 inches (18 cm).

Sewing level: Beginner.


Panel de tela 100% de algodón (53 cm x 50 cm) para coser dos pequeños gatos.

Un facil proyecto para coser en una sola tarde, inspirado en los famosos gatos callejeros de Roma, que caminan y pasean alrededor de los monumentos de la ciudad Eterna.

Es ideal para iniciar a los niños en la costura (aconsejado a partir de los 8 años), para aprender a coser a mano o incluso con la máquina de coser.

Nivel: Principiantes.

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