All my fabric panels are conceived to simply cut, sew and stuff, to easily create a soft toy or project.

I normally make my fat quarter panels print on 100 % cotton fabric ( Petal Signature Cotton) and for the stuffing I use analergical polyester fiber.

I also print my A4 panels at home using fabric cotton sheets.

Softies Panels Sewing process, tips and tricks:

  1. Cut the two doll pieces on dotted line and pin right sides facing together.

2. Sew around the entire doll leaving opening on side to turn inside out (2 inches). You can hand sew or use a sewing machine. In this case I recommend using a n. 2 stitch as is better to keep it tight in order to turn the fabric inside out. a) Sew right on the color line edge of the doll, where the color of the doll begins and not on the seam allowance of 1/4 inches which has a different color.In this way you should not see the seam allowance fabric color on the edges after you turn inside out the fabric; b) Sew very slowly; c) I usually start sewing on one side and then I go down to the legs and continue around. The part around the neck and those with curves tend to be tricky; d) back stitch.

3. Trim excess fabric and clip curves and corners. After you have sewn the whole doll, take your scissors and take out some of the excess fabric on the edges to eliminate bulk. It might be a tedious process but really makes the difference. Also clip the corners and curves (neck, legs, arms) otherwise it will be difficult to turn the doll inside out and it will have odd winkles.

4. Turn the doll inside out with your fingers and also with the help of a crochet hook or a wooden stick, or even one of those “turn it all” plastic tubes + wooden sticks. Do not use a pointed stick.

5. Press the doll with an iron.

6. Stuff the doll. The key of stuffing is to take little pieces of fiber and insert them in the doll. I like to start stuffing the head, then the arms, legs and body. Be firm yet gentle inserting small bits of fiber, and to finish, massage the doll to check that the whole doll is firmly stuffed.

7. Hand sew the side opening with an invisible stitch using a threat that is the same color of the fabric.

8. Hug your master piece!! 🙂